Ceiba Art Gallery is temporarily closed due to its relocation in Plaza Mariachi. We are sorry for this inconvenience.

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Joaquin works intuitively, governed by a strong and instinctive drive for equilibrium. A central icon or figure is typical of his recent work, most often feminine, framed by a rich texture of botanical patterns, idiosyncratic repetitions, and combinations, always, with an overlay of ambiguity as to whether the figure is emerging, resisting, or resting. Evident throughout his work is his profound confidence in the communicative power of symbolism.

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  • May you have a wonderfully Merry Christmas, and a delightful long weekend! 🎁🎄🎁
  • We may have had to close our Cuba exhibition early, but you can now see some of Sheyla’s beautiful car pieces online! Celebrate our friend Sheyla Paz Hicks’ new website with us by visiting her at sheylapazphotography.com! 🇨🇺
  • Ceiba Gallery is temporarily closing as of 7pm today.
We’re excited to get new neighbors as we relocate within Plaza Mariachi. The new space gives us flexibility to expand our programs.
Due to the holiday season we don’t have our reopen date set yet— but we’ll post updates here and on Facebook (Like our Page!)
We apologize if you missed our Cuban artist exhibition.
We look forward to seeing you in 2018!
  • On Sunday afternoons Ceiba Gallery hosts a craft time for kids, but we’re taking time off for the holidays.
As a joint program with Hispanic Family Foundation we’ll be offering art classes for kids and teens in the New Year as well. We’ll post dates and times in January!
  • Sheyla Paz-Hick’s colorful photos of her homeland are the highlight of our exhibition featuring Cuban artists. Visit us at Plaza Mariachi to appreciate their loveliness in person. Their bright beauty makes them move fast ...! 🇨🇺 Detail “Deslumbramiento” (“Dazzle”) 14” x 21”
photo on canvas
Sheyla Paz Hicks
  • A sherbet-color sky evokes thoughts of the tropical warmth of Cuba. Sheyla Paz Hicks shares pictures of her homeland seen through the lens of warmth and deep affection.
Detail from “Teatro Nacional” (National Theater)
14” x 24”
Photo on canvas
Sheyla Paz Hicks
  • Classic cars in Cuba.
Style that stays fresh and beautiful... even 60+ years later. 🇨🇺🚙🚘🏝
detail from "Milagros" (Miracles)
Photo on canvas
Sheyla Paz Hicks
  • Those familiar with the gorgeous paintings of Jorge Yances know he hides faces in them ... he forces your eye to see beyond the obvious. To find the hidden.
"El Carretillero" (The Cart Man)
Oil and graphite on canvas 
36" x 36"
  • Thank you, thank you,  THANK YA'LL 🎉🎉🎉 for your generous support and enthusiasm!
There are about 12 hours left to the campaign and ya'll have already helped our friend, artist Yuri Figueroa meet his fund-raising goal (and then some!) so he can finish his documentary on Nashville's superlative designer, Manuel!
We're so happy and grateful to everyone who's contributed (and there's still a few hours left to get your name in the Thank You credits...!!)
We're looking forward to this film! 💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻

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